More ways to collaborate

GENEFA Platform needs everyone's help to carry out the most exhaustive research to find out a definite FA’s cure.


We do appreciate your interest and if you are willing to help undertaking any kind of caring activity , please get in touch with us through so we can advertise the event you are carrying out on our website, giving you all sort of information and supporting you in all the ways we can.


Some examples of events that can be organized:

  • Benefit lunches (paella, spaghetti, omelette cooking, ...)
  • Pizza parties
  • Hikes, fun runs, bike rides
  • Sports tournaments
  • Concerts, plays
  • Bingo, raffles and auctions
  • Bun contest, muffins snack or breakfast
  • Snack and board games contest (Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, Parcheesi or Chess)
  • Dance or karaoke contests
  • Gifts for a birthday party or a wedding attached to a donation.
  • Declaring a charity day in the workplace and collecting a small contribution from everyone.
  • Rummage sales, jumble sales
  • ...


and any other activity promoting solidarity and which in turn aids to broadcast our project and can help to raise small or large amounts to fund our project.


Considerations when organizing any event:

For the success of an organized event, we need to plan, prepare and ensure absolute commitment when plotting and executing the adequate tasks.


Choosing an event:

The sort of event to choose will depend on the environment the organizers are familiar with, and this often determines the targeted audience by the activity. For instance, if organizers are a group of parents of an elementary school, the activity may be targeted to families with children. If the subject is a school, the activity could be rather intended to the youths. If the activity turns out to be organizing a hike, for sure the organizers are familiar with this hobby and they normally practice it in small groups, and in the near future they finally come up with a hike open for to the entire population.


Setting up a budget:

At the beginning, a budget is established regarding the expenses attached to the event planning, taking into account its several costs like renting, equipment, broadcasting, transports, and so on... Planning costs should be minimal, and the event ought to be always reported to the council of the city where it will be held and to local companies that may sponsor the event or donate goods for its fulfilling as well.



Once all expenses are foreseen, a small extra percentage for incidentals must be added and the amount targeted to raise must be set. Considering this final sum and the estimated number of participants for the event, you can set the amount every one of the attendees should provide.



GENEFA is not available to undertake the costs of the organized events since all the money raised, either regular member contributions or any donation, goes entirely to fund the research project; therefore, the organizers must pay expenses from the proceeds of the event and the amount to donate is the difference between incomes and expenses.


Event organizers:

The number of people needed for the organization obviously depends on the dimensions of the event but, in general, a friendly environment is very useful to achieve the goal, "a great team" that share the tasks to tackle and cooperate in broadcasting.


Some key tasks are:

  • Finding an appropriate location
  • Setting a suitable date that shall not overlap other prearranged activities of the town or any other massive events
  • Contacting sponsors
  • Requesting permits and authorizations
  • Handing out flyers and ads, broadcasting through local and online media
  • Social networking, Facebook, Twitter, ..


Last minute checking:

It is important to ensure shortly before the event takes place:

  • We have confirmed the place and all the logistics, schedules and volunteers

And above all and ... very, very important, always remember:

To thank everyone for their cooperation!



For any questions and to request GENEFA information leaflets in PDF format contact: